Broke Millennial Takes On Investing Book Summary

Anytime there is a big debate about how you’re going to spend money, you need to look at how this is going to have a ripple effect on everything else you want to achieve and that can help solve the problem. You really need to allow this to be a very collaborative conversation. Maybe you share something about your own success and that can open the door to being asked questions to initiate more conversation. But sometimes, it is very much a “not your business” situation and if you overstep boundaries, people are also going to get uncomfortable. It depends on who the person is and why you’re trying to initiate the conversation. There’s a big difference when you and your partner are getting really serious and about to move in together.

Sadly, no management/budgeting tips aside from navigating financial packages/institutions. Not very applicable outside America/the West either, given variations in pay scales/loans/interest rates/insurance/social security/and so forth. Overall, I think this book is a decent introduction to money matters. People who are starting their careers and/or who are just beginning to manage their own finances will get the most use out of it.

  • I had never read, or even heard of to be honest, the Broke Millennial blog.
  • It is anything but a great deal, yet that is somewhat the point.
  • Things being what they are, how would you pay yourself first to dodge this obligation trap?
  • She reiterates that investing is not just for wealthy people nor is it just for older people – it is for anyone interested in making the most of their money.
  • That year, your stocks do well enough that you now have 10% more money, making your new ratio 60% stocks, 40% bonds.
  • You could have had your financial house in totally great shape.

Erin tackles head on tricky situations, such as when you’re out with a group at a restaurant, how to split the bill when you’re struggling to make ends meet. I have experienced this situation myself in my 20s, the feeling where you buy the cheapest thing on the menu but feel anxiety about splitting the bill and not wanting to seem cheap. Since everyone has powerful calculator apps on in their pocket, this has never been easier. While it’s very useful to be able to talk about finances with the people in your life, it’s also important to have positive money talks with your inner self. When talking to your parents about their retirement plans, for example, you might start off by asking what they’d like their retirement to look like. In later conversations, you can follow up by asking how much money they have saved up and whether they have the proper estate planning documents in place. Because talking about money can be awkward, you may think it’s better to rip off the Band-aid and put everything on the table in one conversation.

Money On Your Mind?

This will assist you with monitoring your costs and means you don’t need to stuff a month of money into your work area cabinet. As the name recommends, this technique implies you’ll be exchanging whatever number of your money related exchanges as could be expected under the circumstances from plastic to money. For what reason would you pick this old fashioned methodology in the advanced age?

With the divorce rate somewhere around 50%, and money issues being one of the major causes for divorce, it’s essential to be on the same page here. Some things will come up early – like who pays for the date – while others come much later – like how to split bills when you move in Foreign exchange reserves together. I promised myself that I would never make purchases more than what I could pay off in a month and that I would pay it off entirely every month. Having the seemingly endless supply of money that comes from having a credit card sounds nice, but it can be really dangerous.

Chapter 5

Last year alone I racked up nearly 5k in credit card bill just to feed my 3 teens for the summer. This at an interest rate of 29% having filed bankruptcy after divorce. Therefore the interest was equal to the min payment and was sinking ship. I was lucky to get low income assistance in other words a budget for repayment at lower interest rate. I also was lucky to refinance my student loans that are federal but ironically I’m paying on loans that aren’t worth the paper they are printed upon for my MPA. Everyone and I mean everyone, who is struggling and even not struggling with money should take the time to read this book.

Broke Millennial Review

The chapter also touches briefly on retirement terms and investment theories. She reiterates that investing is not just Broke Millennial Review for wealthy people nor is it just for older people – it is for anyone interested in making the most of their money.

I truly mean this so much so that I submitted a purchase request to my local library system. Also, I gave my free copy to a friend and plan to purchase the ebook soon for my own reference. Lowry uses her own narratives to bring a realistic, breath of fresh air into topics that can be uncomfortable or plague you in your sleep. I don’t know about you all, but Foreign exchange market I appreciate a read that makes me laugh while I’m note taking. It’s useful that we learn how to navigate awkward money conversations, because they’re going to keep happening through our entire lives. But honestly, after taking a couple of hours to read through Broke Millennial, I have a much better understanding of how to get my financial life together.

When To Check Your Investments (and When To Leave Them Alone)

Lowry admits that it was not easy for her to break into the market. She acknowledges that the investment jargon in most investment self-help books is difficult to follow. For that reason, she wrote this book in a tone that she believed would be relatable to her readers—a younger audience that is not involved in the investment market.

That’s then a necessity to be having the financial conversation. It may seem simple, but there is some very good advice there, especially about credit cards. It’s incredible how much interest charges on a cc can add up. is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service.

I was paid back then nearly 20 yrs ago $7.25 hr with 10c raises while working like a dog without even clean air or safety precautions in place. This same job is available today with the same wages nearly 20 yrs later. When a 50lb trolley used to transport clothes fell from 2nd floor above I was injured. Upon seeking legalization I was told I wasn’t injured enough to sue as they had top attorneys for a well Foreign exchange reserves known NY based clothing company. I was ironically left with all marital debt and primary caretaker status of our 3 kids while being left homeless , bankrupt from hiring 3 attorneys, and LT unemployed. The master judge awarded me to pay 25% medical expenses should they arise even without income and while awaiting support. When you have kids especially more than one the scenario of saving is null and void.

Broke Millennial Review

Lowry begins the first chapter of the book by discussing the initial steps she took toward investing. Investments are the sexiest part of personal finance, but it’s just one piece. At last, in case you’re a consultant, you’ll have to sufficiently spare to cover nine months of everyday costs. In addition to the fact that everything is more costly when you’re your chief, but on the other hand, you’re working with pay that changes each month.

Broke Millennial Takes On Investing

I found out about the book through the YouTube channel TheFinanicalDiet. While I am not actually broke, and have already successfully achieved some of the goals this book encourages, there were other areas I felt very in-the-dark about. The way the book is written, you can pick which chapters you want to read, and which to skip. I only skipped a couple chapters that were irrelevant to me, and read the rest, even if I was already successful in that area, because it was good to confirm the strategies I already use or learn something new about it. The book has been helpful in making some changes and knowing how to make those changes the right way. I would definitely recommend for anyone considered a “millennial”, whether or not you currently struggle with money. The fact that our economic is in such a state where highly-educated workers need to ask strangers for money in the internet to cover their bills should be the topic of this book.

Broke Millennial Review

If you’re not sure how to kick off a money discussion, Lowry includes dozens of sample scripts. Talking in percentages is an additional way to discuss money without going into specifics. For example, you can talk about retirement savings as a percentage of your salary. But there are ways to discuss money without mentioning any dollar figure. In the book, Lowry says chatting with friends about housing prices or child care costs can lead to bigger money talks in the future. Getting context clues about how a significant other spends money can be helpful to gauge whether you’re on the same page financially. Even as someone who writes about finances for a living, I’ve struggled with this in my personal life.

Lesson 3: You Need To Get Credit Cards And Pay Them Off Every Month If You Want To Make Big Purchases Like A House

After being able to keep a decent amount of money in my savings account for the first time in my life, I figured it was time to start learning about investing, but I had nowhere to start. Last year, I read over 280 books (a lot about cognitive psychology and decision-making), and many discussed investing and those decisions, but none of it made sense. I needed a book that started from the beginning and could dumb it down for me because I don’t even know how a 401k works except that I should have it. While I already have some financial literacy background, I chose to read the entire book because I’m a recent college grad.