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This is essentially a collection of images of each screen, with tappable hotspots that make it possible to move from screen to screen as if you’re using the real app. It can be installed on a device, meaning it’s accessible from an icon Mobile App Development Process just like any other app, and we often find that people don’t realize it’s not a fully-functional app. Once you have completed the pre-design stage and you’ve got the full recommendation of approach, you’re ready to move onto design.

The purpose of functionality testing is to ensure that the user can use the features and functionality of the application without problems. This section covers the database and server-side objects needed by the functionality that support your mobile application. Monitoring may be required to enable the required mobility option if you use an existing back-end platform. With wireframe, the emphasis is not on color or design but on esthetics and user experience.

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The app makes product pitches and presentations more efficient and convenient, simplifies customer registrations, and allows agents to monitor their sales records. Research & Development – We need to ensure that the product we develop will meet our client’s expectations. This thorough planning process helps us to understand the functionality of what is required to identify any unknowns and begin sketching the User Interface. The mobile applications we develop run smoothly across different platforms, with adaptability being a top priority.

Native Apps offer the best performance and can use every hardware feature of the device but at the same time they cost a lot more money and take longer to get to market. We engaged with Pragmatic after meeting with a number of agencies and it has been a great experience so far. We had some pretty complex requirements for a piece of software and Rob was able to understand what we were trying to achieve and make valuable suggestions to save time and money along the way.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering, she decided to merge her technical knowledge with her passion for writing – to accomplish something interesting with the fusion. Her write-ups are usually based on technology, mobile apps, and mobile development platforms to help people utilize the mobile world in an efficient way. Besides writing, you can find her making dance videos on Bollywood songs in a corner. Depending on your app’s type, functionality and business objectives – you can select any of the above-mentioned tips to reduce your app development time.


Whether it’s used on a smartphone or tablet, Android or iPhone, you can be assured that your customers are getting the same great experience every time. If you do not have much time, want to spend less dollars during the initial stages, and penetrate the app market as early as possible, hybrid application development is recommended. When you go full swing into the market, there are chances that some of the features in your app do not catch up among the users and need retouching or an update. It cuts the clutter making the app development transparent yet agile. The only resources one needs in this case are the design team and the development team. Everything from initial stages design to the final stages of development are taken care by the Configure.IT app development platform. To give you an example, we have created an application development platform Configure.IT, the Swiss knife of app development.

Our mobile app development process is led by an experienced team of software and app developers, project managers, UX and UI designers, mobile testers, test engineers and marketers where required. Expand your business horizons with next-gen App Development specifically for iOS users to build secure, robust and attractive mobile and web apps. TatvaSoft UK embraces a mobile-first approach and utilizes the best-in-breed features of the MAC development platform to support the app development process from scratch to deployment.

We are trusted by global brands and disruptive startups to deliver world-class mobile experiences across multiple devices, winning a few awards along the way. Most apps come out with iOS system first when considering development cost and the speed to market. One of the major benefits of iOS app development is that iOS app always brings better user experience and easy to scale up in Apple ecosystem.

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Whilst only taking on the cost of developing a single app, covering all the bases, as it were, with minimal risk. Initiating your app development project should be done systematically. Writing out the business case documentation that answers why you need the app and what it does ensures a unified vision for the project.

The design stage is where the UI and UX design of your app is conceived and iterated upon until you have a final blueprint for the developers to then build. Sometimes, especially with larger companies, the client might have done all the user research themselves, but it’s vital to ensure the concept has been thoroughly validated.

Clients often ask designers and developers for very accurate estimates of the final price based just on a brief description of an app. However, when calculating all the costs, many different variables come into play and it’s generally not possible to predict the exact final price already in the design and prototyping phase. The quality should be double-checked at every step of the app development roadmap. We’re not talking only about manual testing but also everything else from unit tests to prototype testing, code reviews and automated tests. The most basic version which allows you to test the app with real users and launch it in app stores. Swift is a direct product of Apple, it was created to help programmers diminish errors.

Bespoke Mobile Application Development Using React Native And Laravel

We want to get this absolutely right for you – your Mobile app is your shop front and it has to be aesthetically pleasing, quick to load and easy to use. The execution phase is incredibly dependent on the previous two steps in order to develop an app that’s reliable and user-friendly. Rushing into execution without the project scope fully imagined and documented is a recipe for disaster.

Mobile App Development Process

Considering various factors like target audience, competition, and business goals, We at TatvaSoft assess the feasibility of digitizing your idea through a mobile app. You can hire our mobile app developers if you want to proceed to the development phase. From API integration to ARKit solutions — our extensive expertise in iOS mobile app development and Swift will help you meet the high demands of Apple’s fans.

What Is Enterprise Mobility?

But on the downside, their performance is average and a great UX experience difficult to achieve. Here, we build a codebase using standard web technologies and then wrap it in a native container – the WebView. Cross-platform development is based on using a single toolset to deliver the application across multiple platforms. At this Hire a Blockchain Developer stage, it’s helpful to ask others about your app idea, to see whether they provide useful feedback on how it will work, look and feel. When you have a rough plan based on how your app will be used, then you can plan on how to market and launch the app. At this point, you’re ready for a trusted partner to realise your vision.

  • A cross platform mobile app is your opportunity to take your business to a new level and expand your brand’s potential exponentially.
  • Most mobile apps will have a database to store data and that database will need to be hosted on the internet.
  • In this case, our solution is generally to build a middleware layer, optimised for communication with the app, that sits between client servers and the app itself.
  • These are the things your future tech partner should possess too -experience, dedication, loyalty, business know-how.
  • The first step of app development doesn’t always concern the app itself.
  • We offer on-going maintenance and support to keep your application functioning at its best.
  • use a multi-platform framework for cross-platform solutions and provide a richer experience while gaining access to a wide range of mobile devices.

And when use spikes are present, your app can manage the load and work well. The functionality of your application should be tested by as many users as possible to cover several potential test conditions. You might be surprised to catch an error when two different users test for the same feature but get different results.

The 4 Stages Of App Development

This form of research can produce some very interesting and valuable results. As an example, we had one client who had built a QR scanner into the app, to help run on-pack promotions at retail outlets. The initial feedback we received was that the scanner wasn’t working.

Now we take the front end pages and pull them into the content management system of choice. This involves deciding which pages will use which theme, and which sections of each page should be editable . This is often the longest part of the process where we work independently with little need for review until we are complete. This section also encompasses the creation of any bespoke features. At this web design phase of the project we consider your vision, and have a creative discussion with our designer to try and ensure our perception of how to achieve this vision is clear. We then create an image mock-up of how the concept design will look and feel. At this point the designs are still open for revision, and we may have experimented with some design elements that break convention.

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We also test the application on different devices and device simulators to check how everything renders on various screen sizes. When we are talking about frontend in the app development process we mean building a client application that will be installed on the users’ phones. The next step in the app development cycle starts with handing the finished and approved UI design to the development team.

What are the stages of application?

The 6 Stages of Your Job ApplicationReceiving your application documents.
Document evaluation.
The short list.
Assessment, job interview or telephone interview.
After the job interview.

You’ll know exactly what we’re doing at every phase of development, why we’re doing it, and provide us with input the entire way. There are different types of developers; an independent contractor, a small app development company, and big Mobile App Development Process corporations. An independent contractor could be the least expensive option, but they may not be the best in business. Since they work for multiple clients your app won’t be their only project, meaning they may not give their best effort.

They can be developed easily by focusing on the basic functionality of the app. Once the MVP is out in the market, you can build the final app depending on the user’s feedback and additional features. A number of big brands like Airbnb, Uber, and Snapchat launched MVPs before the actual apps. These issues, in turn, Mobile App Development Process delay the deliveries of projects and you may never be able to launch your app as per the specified timings. On the other hand, establishing an in-house team of developers can be a bit expensive if you are just entering the mobile world – but, it will definitely expedite your app development and launch process.

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The design stage should have provided you with a wireframe, showing all of the app’s screens and how they connect, and visual designs for each of those screens. In our case, we also build an interactive prototype to give a sense of how using the app will feel. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the final product won’t just be what you want as the app owner, but what the end user wants. The recommendations lay out a creative vision for the project and how we target it at the users, and what the objectives are, from both a user and business perspective. Pre-design makes sure you get off to the right start with the design and development of your app, and ensures a great final product. Secondly, if you need to develop for iOS and Android it will undoubtedly be more cost effective to use cross platform solutions.