Trezor Model T Versus Trezor One

Now it is time to backup your wallet and create your recovery seed. Click the “Create a backup in 3 minutes” prompt in the web GUI and write down the randomly generated 12-word recovery seed with permanent ink on the included recovery seed papers . The device will ask you to re-input two of the words for confirmation before proceeding. Do not power down the device during this process or you will need to start over. A truly open source secure element will make hardware wallets more secure. The TREZOR Model-T is a second generation Bitcoin/Altcoin hardware wallet manufactured by SatoshiLabs. The TREZOR line debuted in 2014 with the TREZOR One (T-One) and has remained one of the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet solutions to date.


Hardware wallets are based on the principal of cold storage. Cold TREZOR Model T storage means that your private keys remain completely offline.

This gives Ledger users a gateway to a whole heap of other features, including buying and selling cryptos and, of course, staking. This latter feature is increasing in popularity and is Crypto Exchange going to be a deal-breaker for an ever-growing number of users. Both of these devices have done an admirable job of picking up where their predecessors left off and moving forward.

Receive Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

You can restore your accounts to a new hardware wallet using the recovery key you wrote down when you set it up. For the restoration you can of course import all BIP39 recovery seeds, also those with more than 12 words.

However, it is important to understand that hardware wallets are an attractive target for attackers and depend on several assumptions to maintain security. They are not a miracle weapon, and there are several realistic ways to hack a hardware wallet Especially if someone has physical access to the device. The TREZOR Model T uses a 12 words long seed, while TREZOR One uses 24 words.

After the 12th word, the wallet is opened immediately and you can proceed with the setup process. Unfortunately, it is currently the case that all articles of this documentation are available in English only. In the same way, the setup and the operation of the hardware wallet will later be largely in English. Not all cryptocurrencies are supported directly by TREZOR Wallet by SatoshiLabs, but partly only by third party software.

Trezor T Features

The hardware wallet is held in position with the help of magnets and can easily be removed with a little force. The magnet does not damage the hardware wallet or the accessories. It is immediately apparent that the packaging of the TREZOR Model T has been completely redesigned compared to TREZOR One. The front side contains only the logo, while the back side contains more information such as the supported cryptocurrencies. The shipping envelope contains a box containing the hardware wallet.

  • To start the backup process, click “Create a backup in 3 minutes”.
  • The recovery seed helps you to recover your funds in a different Trezor if you lose or damage your device.
  • This device comes with all of the basic features needed to keep your private keys protected from nefarious actors.
  • This is necessary because, as mentioned earlier, the hardware wallet itself remains unconnected to the internet to keep the information it stores safe.

Here you can change the name and PIN but also generate a public key for each account. This allows you to view all transactions on this account and is good for importing into an app for your smartphone, for example. Of course, this action must also be confirmed by the hardware wallet after clicking on “Send”. Here the amount including fee and address are displayed again. These must match the values entered, only then should you agree to the transaction. Only when you have compared both addresses and they match you should confirm the action with the green tick on the display of the hardware wallet.

Confirming the actions on the hardware wallet is better with the color touch screen, as more information can be displayed at once. Thanks to the new TREZOR Wallet the setup is now much easier than with TREZOR One.

Create A New Wallet Or Import Old Ones

I would recommend that wherever you save it, that you choose to save two backups of the recovery seed. I personally choose to backup both in electronic and paper form. For those who are unaware the recovery seed is what you need to access your funds in the scenario where the device is either damaged or lost. the device, a USB A to USB C cable, a lanyard, a how to get started guide, two recovery seed cards , stickers, and a magnetic dock. Trezor Model T supports over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, including major coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Dash, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, and many more. The magnetic dock is a slim magnet-backed with self-adhesive tape, allowing you to attach your Model T wherever you want, even upside-down under the table .


This means you must trust the hardware manufacturer not to create a back door. A full overview of how TREZOR handles security threats can be found on the SatoshiLabs website. The firmware for the Model-T has bitcoin been completely re-written from scratch for enhanced security over the T-One. With that being said, every choice comes down to personal preference, which will ultimately decide which device they will pick.

Trezor hardware wallets are unique in that they are the only hardware wallet offering native support to all ERC20 tokens. The TREZOR Model T is a great piece of hardware, with its main feature being of course the touchscreen. In this article I’ll be reviewing the latest addition, the TREZOR T model. This device is still one of the best hardware wallets out there, so read on for my full review. Security and functionality are of key importance, but that doesn’t rule out any reason to provide additional customizations for a device. As hardware wallets go, Trezor is clearly in the lead when it comes to optimizations and settings. Prior to developing hardware wallets, SatoshiLabs introduced the 24-word seed phrase backup method.

Trezor One Vs Trezor Model T Comparison: Which Is Better?

The entire Bitcoin network is kept up to date by a common data structure called the blockchain. It contains records of all transactions ever made and is publicly accessible online, so anyone can read it. When you receive some bitcoins, say 0.1 BTC, you see them in your bitcoin wallet, listed under a bitcoin address. Cryptocurrencies are so named because they are secured by cryptography. For this you need a set of digital keys, for example your private key. Hardware wallets are immune to computer viruses that steal from software wallets. The old accounts remain accessible behind an empty passphrase.

Your entire wallet is always accessible via your personal 12 to 24 words long recovery seed. bitcoin is a second-generation Trezor hardware wallet released on February 26, 2018.

This project is called ‘Tropic square’ standing for “TRuly OPen Integrated Circuit”. One reason Trezor does not use a secure element, like the Ledger Nano X does, is that all secure elements are closed source.